Vegan Sanctuary

The non-profit religious organization is still in formation.

If you would like to help start or just push us to hurry up and start Vegan Sanctuary then send an email to us from

Expect the finalized phrasing to be similar to the below.

Vegan Sanctuary is a sanctuary for the followers of Devotional Veganism.

The following doctrine of Devotional Veganism lays out the universally recognizable life principles of Devotional Veganism that we know and live by with conviction and devotion.

A follower of this doctrine may refer to Devotional Veganism as the person's religion and refer to self as a Devotional Vegan.

Though at some point we may have one or more physical locations that can serve as a physical sanctuary to some Devotional Vegans, we intend to serve as a virtual sanctuary for Devotional Vegans everywhere.

Our primary purpose is to assist Devotional Vegans in following Devotional Veganism. We will endeavor to protect Devotional Vegans from any external hardships or dangers to their practice of Devotional Veganism. We will endeavor to provide counselling and guidance to Devotional Vegans who seek or desire it.

Our secondary purpose is to promote Devotional Veganism.

The religion of Devotional Veganism is about what Devotional Vegans know and live by, and not just about veganism as a lifestyle and / or diet. Not all vegans are Devotional Vegans. Not all Devotional Vegans are vegans (but most usually are).

A Devotional Vegan is not forbidden from following other religions in addition to Devotional Veganism as long as they adhere to the principles of Devotional Veganism if and when there is a conflict in the religions.

Last updated Feb-2006.